The Best Five…

‘The Best Five’ (still not officially endorsed by Leon Best) will be a series of articles  which will look to celebrate what makes the ‘Beautiful Game’ so beautiful. The aim is to find the 5 best in a certain category: be that the 5 best wingers of all time, the 5 best kits the Premier League has seen, the 5 best celebrations performed, the 5 best games I’ve been to, the 5 best performers in the last week or the 5 best ‘Kean Out’ banners seen kicking about so far this season. Let the fun commence…

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Daryn MacRae

22-year-old graduate of Stirling University with a passion for writing about the beautiful game. On the field itself I'm regarded as somewhat of a luxury player - capable of anything but usually produce nothing. I often fail to track back, can't tackle, have a head like a fifty pence piece and am deceptively slow...but I'm quite good at floating in corners.