And so it begins. David Moyes might of arrived from Everton with a tin hat for deflecting criticism. He’s beginning to realise however that the United hotseat neccessitates an armoured tank for that sort of job. If ever there was a poisoned chalice, this was it. Replacing Ferguson was not so much about replacing another man, but about replacing a legend who had built a dynasty over 25 years. Questions were always going to be asked at the first signs of frailty. Panic buttons were always going to be pressed after defeats.

A period of transition was inevitable. I’m not sure though that many expected such a poor start, with the pressure well and truly on before the start of October. Three defeats already, half what United usually expect for a whole campaign, is not good enough. The performances that have accompanied them have been even worse. No goals from open play since the opening day and a dreadful display at the home of their biggest rivals only serve to highlight the current ineptitude.

It has been apparent for some time now despite the title win of last season where RVP carried the side for large parts, that holes were gaping in the United squad. Valencia is a one-trick pony whose trick seems to have deserted him. Anderson, for all his potential, seems incapable of resisting the delights Burger King has to offer. Nani is inconsistent to the extreme. Young, when he’s not diving, just seems to cut inside all day before a lofting a cross into the grateful keepers hands.

However, this doesn’t excuse the start United have made as the squad was admittedly good enough to get the job done last year. All that was required was a couple of tweaks here and there. Easy for me to say sitting in the comfort of my home with the benefit of hindsight but Moyes should have been braver with his selections to date. Affording opportunities from the start to the likes of Zaha and Januzzaj instead of Valencia and Young would have not only offered the punters welcome relief but a statement of change that freshened the minds of many.

Despite the criticism the one thing Moyes has got is time to get things right. Having been handed a six-year contract and the chance to build his own backroom team he’ll be given the next couple of seasons surely to set things right. It’s a chance he deserves as well.

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