Fernando Torres’ dramatic late goal this afternoon helped Chelsea grab hold of Arsenal’s coattails in menacing fashion. Mourinho, or Pardew-lite as he may well now be known after his excitable leap into the home support post winner, looked every bit the ‘Happy One’. The ‘Happiest One’ however with that late goal could well be David Moyes. He must be grateful and a little surprised to see the title favourites, Manchester City, sitting only two points above his motley crew despite the thrashing his side experienced at the Etihad.

The title race is wide open for all the wrong reasons as every side is lacking despite spending heavily. Ozil-inspired Arsenal have started strong but resemble a dormant volcano waiting to explode. Their obvious frailties are sure to boil over at some point you would of thought. Mourinho will be content with his lot as his side haven’t hit top form yet sit right in contention. When compared to his previous reign they lack the fear factor his old side were characterised by though. The effects of Old Father Time has meant the magnificent spine of Cech-Terry-Lampard-Drogba has been replaced by Older Cech-Older Terry-Older Lampard-No One. El Nino may have bagged today but talk of his return to form is nothing sort of ridiculous given the barren spells that have followed his previous reincarnations.

On their day City are the strongest side in the league by some margin yet they are still woefully short in certain areas as Bayern brutally exposed. Mr Pellegrini is a charming fellow. Whether he can rule with the authority required at a top top side is unclear though. Points are being chucked away for fun by City with no real repercussions as of yet.

Liverpool and Spurs both look strong but surely will not last the distance. The door is wide open for Moyes to take a tilt at the title but his side bereft of true confidence look set to stumble through his first campaign at the helm.

The winner of this year’s title race won’t go down as a magnificent side, just the best of a bad bunch. Who knows, it could be Southampton’s to lose.


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