As the final whistle approached at the Emirates on Sunday Arsenal’s players huffed and puffed in an attempt to blow the Chelsea house down. Their supporters, sensing that Giroud and Co lacked the sufficient wind to get the job done, searched in vain for a sense of one-upmanship unachievable on the pitch by taunting the opposition…

Boring, boring Chelsea

Mourinho reposted post-match in typical fashion. “Boring?” he asked. “Ten years without a title – that’s boring.” Quite good that.

Yet surely even he could accept Chelsea’s conservatism, present in the majority of big games. This was a Mourinho performance from the archives – a smothering tactic implemented successfully at Porto, Inter and Chelsea. The opposition know what to expect, at least half a dozen players behind the ball to insure themselves against the counterattack at all times, but it makes no difference. United could of played till midnight last weekend and wouldn’t of scored. Arsenal haven’t scored in over 8 hours versus Mourinho’s side.




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